Infuze Fitness Challenge

Join the Infuze Your Fitness Challenge Today!!!

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The reason people fail in their fitness goals comes down to 2 main things. 1- Lack of motivation 2- Lack of accountability.

#infuzeyourfitness Challenge fixes all of these! When you take the Challenge you will earn a free reward every 20 days! And when you take the challenge you are joining 100’s of other people who are keeping the same commitment as you are!

The rewards:

  • Day 20: Free hat or T-Shirt
  • Day 40: Free random elixir 4 pack
  • Day 60: Free 18 oz or 32 oz Vessel!

Why would Infuze give you something for doing a simple challenge like this? Well its because we know how good it feels to get into shape, and if we can help you do it then why not. Plus we firmly believe that the Infuze System is the greatest hydration and fitness product that exists so we are putting our money where our mouth is to prove it!

So what are you waiting for? Take the challenge today, get in shape, stay hydrated and experience for yourself what it means to #infuzeyourfitness!


  • An individual can only earn each reward 1 time.
  • You must complete all tasks each day for the day to count.
  • If you miss a day you start over again on day 1
  • Must tag @infuze_hydration on each of your posts

The simplest way to take the #infuzeyourfitness challenge is with the Infuze Starter kit, you will get the flavors that you will need, and you will have the clear bottle to see how much water you are drinking.

The Elixirs will help you keep hydrated and give you the electrolytes and vitamins that you need to keep your body going!

Choose the size and color that are best for you! This will be the easiest gallon that you have ever drank!

The Benefits

Infuze Users Drink More: With dehydration, a growing problem around the world Infuze users drink 3X more water. Take Infuze challenge and drink more water

Bottle Stays 100% Clean: Because your liquid flavoring stays inside the flavor tank in the lid your bottle is going to stay 100% clean. This means no more mold, stains, or caring around two water bottles.

Eco-Friendly: Our flavor tank is completely refillable and reusable. Helping to eliminate plastic waste. Our BPA & sweat-free stainless steel bottles help save our planet and keep your water at your preferred temperature for up to 24 hours.

You Are In Control: You no longer have to pour flavor into a bottle and guess that it is going to be just the right flavor to water mix. Our flavor dial with multiple flavor intensity setting allows you to control the amount of flavor to mix with your water… or simply turn the dial off and drink plain water.

Good For You: Not only does our product look good, but it is also good for you. All of Elixir flavor options are zero sugar & zero calories, packed with electrolytes and b-vitamins. We offer a natural flavor line sweetened with stevia and contains zero food-dye. Get all your favorite flavors on our flavor center with subscription options!

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Infuze was created in the Mountains of Utah while doing what we love to do. Our main purpose is to help you #INFUZEYOURLIFE your adventure, your fitness, etc. We want to help you be the best at whatever it is that you love to do by helping you stay hydrated with our hydration systems and delicious zero sugar/ zero calorie flavors that are packed with electrolytes and b-vitamins!