MDM 19 – Infuze Hydro – Soldier Systems Daily

MDM 19 – Infuze Hydro – Soldier Systems Daily

At every trade show I run across something I don’t expect to see. For Modern Day Marine, it’s the Infuze Hydro.

This small company out of Utah manufactures an in-line system for hydration systems which adds the liquid flavoring or performance enhancers you would normally dump right into your reservoir. Instead, the flavoring is completely separate and a back pressure valve keeps it from flowing into the reservoir leaving you with a cleaner system which doesn’t retain strong flavors. A flavor dial also allows you to choose straight water, or the amount of flavoring added before consumption.

The secret is these cartridges. They are refillable and you can use on of their four Elixir mixes or your own additive.

Infuze also offers a water bottle system which works off the same system but accepts a different cartridge.

Ainsi, grâce à ces informations, nous pouvons établir votre Indice de Masse Corporelle. Une fois que vous avez répondu à toutes ces questions cela ne dure que quelques minutes , un médecin agrée vérifiera vos réponses. cialispascherfr24 Si tout lui semble bon, il établira alors une ordonnance.

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